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The current firmware for the CP700BMW is V1.1.10 from 22.7.2019.
You can download it here:

Change Log

How to install a new firmware

To install a new firmare, save the file "update.bin" (see link above) and store it to your SD card. The card can, but does not have to contain any music files.

1. Plug in the SD card containing the new firmare file
2. Unplug the CP700BMW or close all doors and lock the car for 5 minutes untill the LED of the unit turns off.
3. Plug in the CP700BMW again or just open the car again. If all is OK the LED will start flashing red for about 30 seconds.

Afterwards it will automatically restart and can be used as usuall. 


Current CP700.ini (The configuration file for the SD card)






CP700/CP600 MP3 file checker tool


If not all of our mp3 file are played, use this tool to check the content of your SD card. It will automatically detect problematic filce and correnct them for you.

Download CP Checker

ATTENTION: Make backups of your SD card content to your computer, external hard drive etc. before using any of your products and tools!